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. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. i feel like all of us are starng to see what the problems in this country are. i think plenty of people are opinionated. i don't think there's many forums where you can really express yourself or try to make a difference or anything. i mean...wha'...whatdo... what do i do, ya' know? the only people that i'm able to affect are the people who care about what i have to say. there is something you can do, but i'm sure it wouldn't be, uh...easy. different man: i get angry about it, but it's like... ya' know, in my own apartment. [laughs] >> i honor each and every one of you for coming out to the library on saturday afternoon to have a discussion on this important topic. who used personal care products? shampoo, face cream, deodorant, contact solution? the numbers could be staggering. the stories that i tell in the book and stories i talk about today are
and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. >> hello and welcome to the 2011 heros and hearts luncheon. i did you greetings -- i bid you greetings. ♪ here we are in union square and excitement fills the air fills a love that is here today at 0 how i love this affair -- oh, how i love this affair this foundation started back in 1994 they do their part in help and hope ne to give a brand new start come on, everybody just do your part today is a day here at heroes and hearts where you must buy table top bart just in case you were unaware is the sixth year of this luncheon hard to believe, you know we still have the most amazing ceo executive director of this foundation stephanie [inaudible] board of directors president to the guggenheim says each hero is a leader, and she thanks them for all their time raising funds for sfga and the trauma center is all thanks to you this yearly luncheon, such an elegant bunch
to be home right after work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor chu: good morning. welcome to the budget and finance subcommittee meeting. we will be joined by supervisor mirkarimi shortly. our clerk is mr. victor young. do we have any announcements today? >> please turn off all cell phones. if you wish to speak during public comment, please fill out the speaker card and turned it in to myself. if you wish to submit documents, please provide them to the clerk for the file. items appearing today will appear -- supervisor chu: thank you very much. please call item no. 1. >> item #one. resolution authorizing the department of the environment to retroactively accept and expend a grant in the amount of $114,138 from the california department of resources recycling and recove
's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. >> welcome. we are here doing our building san francisco tour. we're going to have a very interesting tour of elevators in sanford cisco. we have all gotten into an elevator, the doors have closed, and it has carried us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first
i have to be home right after work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. >> i have been a cable car grip for 21 years. i am a third generation. my grand farther and my dad worked over in green division for 27. i guess you could say it's blood. >> come on in. have a seat. hold on. i like it because i am standing up. i am outside without a roof over my head and i see all kinds of people. >> you catch up to people you know from the past. you know. went to school with. people that you work with at other jobs. military or something. kind of weird. it's a small word, you be. like i said, what do people do when they come to san francisco? they ride a cable car. >> california line starts in the financial district. people are coming down knobbhill. the cable car picks people up. takes them to work. >> there still is no other device to conquer these h
after work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult.
right after work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. >> welcome to "culturewire." since december 2005, the museum of the african diaspora, known locally,moad, has presented programs that celebrate and explore the culture, history, and art of people with african descent throughout the and added states and throughout the world. the director of cultural affairs recently met with the museum director. to learn more about the current expedition, textural rhythms, constructing the jazz tradition, contemporary african american quilts. >> welcome to "culturewire." today, we are at the museum of the african diaspora, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary occupying one of the premier cultural district in the world, the yerba buena cultural arts center in san francisco. joining me is the cultural art director. tell us what moad's mission is. what d
salvador durán. >>> en una manifestación de empleadas domésticas, julia quinrteros, relató su experiencia. >>> el hijo de la señora, tenía la ocurrencia de pegarme con un trapo mojado, no sé si has visto que le hacen así, luego con quemarme los brazos con un encededor. >>> ella trabajó por 22 años. >>> no tenía donde ir, no tenía conocidos, no tenía familia, no tenía, a quien decirle, mira me pasa esto, el otro motivo es que uno trae mucha necesidad. >>> los testimonios se multiplican y son comunes entre estas mujeres. >>> se pide que se apruebe el proyecto de ley ab889, para proteger los derechos de las trabajadores. >>> que se les pague el sobre tiempo y el doble tiempo que puedan dormir 8 horas, sin ser interrumpidas. >>> el único estado que ha aprobado una ley para las empleadas domésticas es nueva york, doña julia y sus compañeras, creen que es hora que california se ponga al día y haga lo mismo. >>> tengo la obligación de echarle la mano a quienes sufrieorn lo que sufrí. >>> también piden vacaciones pagadas, y la medida fue presentada en sacramento.notici más en f
on the ivory coast has increased cocoa prices by as much as $800 a ton since november. nbc's julia bag explains what this means for your sweet tooth. >> i love it. only dark. >> on her first trip to this north miami beach chocolate shop and factory, everything seemed to catch teresa poviaga's eye. on her next trip, she could see something else. >> higher prices are coming on the horizon. chocolate companies can only absorb this up to a point and then they'll have to start passing it on to us, manufacturers, small manufacturers. >> small manufacturers like joseph moramar. his factory makes sweets from 25,000 pounds of chocolate a month. while he won't reveal what he pays for chocolate, he will talk about the price of cocoa beans. >> everything is made from cocoa beans. dark chocolate, white chocolate, even cocoa butter. >> that means the beloved dark chocolate could start to shrink. >> you could have one and a quarter ounce bar. everything is on the table. i don't know if we're going to make things smaller, but we have to definitely consider raising our prices if the price hikes come to us. >> s
why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid, you say, "that's so emma and julia." who says that? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. supervisor campos: good more jim -- morning and welcome to the thursday, march 10, meeting of the board of supervisors government audit and oversight committee. i am joined by the committee vice chair, supervisor farrell, as well as a committee member board president david chiu. madam clerk, do we have any announcements? >> yes, mr. chairman. please turn off cell phones. if you wish to speak during public comment, please fill out a speaker card and place it to the left of the podium. completed speaker cards and parts of documents are to be included as part of the file and submitted to the clerk. items discussed today will appear before the board on march 15 unless otherwise stated. supervisor chiu: -- supervisor campos: thank you very much. please call item 1. >> item 1, motion approving the budget and legislative analyst services were planned for 2010. supervisor c
back. julia and our other board relently pounded away month after month. i was in pakistan of december of 2006 and there was a new editor on the book and they said they decided to change the title to one man's mission to promote peace. the hard cover didn't do that well. sold 20,000 copies. while the paper back came out on january 30th of this year and since out it's been on the new york times best seller selling over 700,000 copies now. and it's one man's mission to promote peace. and they're still baffleed manhattan because they're scratching their heads the first month because there's only - well no big city book editor did it so to be a best seller you need new york times or the chronicle or boston globes to give you good book reviews. no national t.v. or, m pr so paul said what's going on out there. i said, you know this is what i think it's about book clubs and women's groups, synagogues, mosques and churches and an incredible amount of book clubs here in the bay view area and about people yearning for piece and looking for the answers of peace. any ways it's been really incredi
: absolutely julia. apparently word has gotten out that the city of vallejo is a good place for prostitution. police are way too thin. but maybe this could help a little. a sign of a condom wrapper is one sign of prostitution. >>> you see a girl walking around in a skim ooh pea skirt with her buttocks cheek hanging out. you have to explain that to your daughter. >> i don't think that's healthy for the families and others living in this neighborhood and i really think there needs to be something done about it. >> it's become more prevalent lately. maybe more flagrant lately. but it's always been a problem we have had to deal with. >> reporter: even though we were told the girls were out day and night we didn't see any hookers, perhaps because we had a tv camera, but enough people are fed up that a citizen prostitution task force has suggested a task force. more penalties for convicted prostitutes and cameras at key low dayses, they are also considering sending dear john letters to people's cars seen near prostitution to keep them on their the toys. their ranks have already been decimated from
work. ugh. that's so gay. totally gay. ugh. that is so emma and julia. why are you saying, "that's so emma and julia"? well, you know, when something is dumb or stupid,
with julia roberts. the ápermanentá way he shows his appreciation for the actress --- next. an outpouring of support tonight for the family of ronald gibbs.. the teenager who was killed while trying to protect his sister. sister. dozens of people vigil at garrison and nelson avenue.. right in front of gibbs' home. that's where someone stabbed him to death. he was 17. at the gathering there were friends who stepped up to ggbbs' mother with memories from the h. heart. (ms. smith) "right now, i'm so joyful. i'm happy. i mean, i didn't know that my son had so much love, it's likee so many people that my son has touched their heart.." heart.." family members say gibbs, a boxing champion, 3 was training for the olympics when he was killed earll sunday morning. police have arrested and charged 30-year-old terrance sims in connection with the murder. a .../ baltimore county.../ man.../ is... locked up .../ for mooths.../// this after he's caught recording judges and then posting the video on you tube. ike (oh-hay-shis) ohaechesi áworeá spy glasses
on film by julia roberts. and the anniversary of the last combat troops left in the vietnam war. all day long you can stay on top of the latest developments of those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and here is what is coming up later this morning on the "today" show. hear from a former girlfriend of the late john f. kennedy, junior. and a special look back at the women of the "today" show. now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and much more. thank you so much for watching early "today". we'll see you back here tomorrow.
>tarea que sera dificil por haber mas historias como esta... el ano escolar esta por terminar, y julia solo ha asistido a unas cuantas reuniones de la escuela de su hijo... " yo no voy por mi trabajo porque a veces salimos muy tarde..." "tenemos que hablar con ellos para dar un mensaje para darle el reporte de las calificaciones pero no pueden venir a pesar que a veces abrimos hasta las 7 de la noche..." y es que el trabajo y la falta de tiempo no deberia de interponerse con la educacion de su hijo, dicen "los ninos van viendo bueno a mi padre no le interesa, ni se ha dado cuenta que yo no entiendo esa tarea, no se da cuenta que no puedo leer bien , entonces los estudiantes van perdiendo el estimulo y verdaderamente abandonan la escuela..." y con esto y con otras iniciativas el gobierno ha dicho que no hay escusa para que los ante la cu lo que envuelven a los las redes sociales habria que agregar la depresion debida a facebook, advirtio un importante grupo medico , que asegura que puede afectar a los adolescentes obsesionados con el y que tiene
to help build a visitors center near the vietnam veterans memorial. julia dillard made that announcement today. -- julia dillard made that announcement today. 60,000 troops were in the conflict and more than 500 died. >>> the first day of tolls is costing the new roads some drivers. 2100 vehicles travelled the itc during rush hour. that figure is down from 5500 when the road was free. drivers will pay between 60 cents and $1.45 depending on the time of day they are traveling. drivers without an easy task will get a bill in the mail. starting april 6, that bill will include a $3 service charge. >>> let's get the latest on traffic conditions. >> as you can see, things are pretty normal here in connecticut. in randolph, no problems. this is the scene around the region. that is the aspen hill well -- aspen hill area. obviously in white flint, not seeing a lot of problems. on the beltway, no problems here. this is the outer loop near university boulevard. moving into montgomery county, a little bit slow on the right side of the screen here. old georgetown road, nothing at all. if you are trav
in with julia boorstin. she joins us live with more on that. julia, good morning. we have a problem with julia's mike. so we will try to get back to her in a little bit. but meanwhile, the results of a new study on the mental health of children in our country is alarming, especially for parents. it says 83% of kids will experience a psychiatric disorder by the time they reach 21 years old. that's a huge percentage. dr. joshua weiner joins us with morning for more on this study. >> good morning. >> 83%? >> i know. pretty remarkable, right? >> what kind of psychiatric disorder? >> the most common ones that people will experience are going to be substance abuse disorders, mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. >> wow, in our area, do you see a lot af that? >> yeah, this is the way it is universally. one of my big hopes with this study is that hopefully it will have an impact on decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness. when you think about 83% of kids experiencing something by the time they're 21 years old, i think it just shows how universal mental
at dulles airport. >> reporter: waiting outside customs at dulles international late this afternoon julia and friend melly waiting for julia's daughter who -- melody waiting for julia's daughter who was in tokyo friday when the quake struck. >> she called me and she said mom, something is happening and i heard the sirens and everything going off. i just stayed with her. >> i think it's terrible and then when you see the stats about 1,000 times worse than the one in haiti and 125 aftershocks. i mean it's devastating. >> reporter: finally happiness in the form of hugs. >> happy to see you. >> it's like a pillar is lifted off me. i can breathe again. >> i was on the 16th floor of my building and it was pretty bad. it was shaking. i couldn't stand, but i mean i'm okay. my thoughts and prayers really go out to the people who are in sendai that have lost family and loved ones. >> reporter: she asked us not to reveal her identity, says it's because of her job. >> it's weird because tokyo is such a busy city, but right now it's really quiet, not a lot of people are out on the streets. it's just k
on entertainment tonight. julia roberts' movie with tom hanks. >> do you need a ride? >> fine. but i will not wear that bucket on my head. >> tom goes back to school. >> the state requires a minimum of 10 students, though. this class is canceled. >> is this speech 217? >> julia is a sea -- >> each of you knows how to do something. >> reporter: the two become an unlikely romantic pair. >> mmm. brain freeze. >> i wonder if i make any difference to anyone sitting in my classroom. >> look up at your audience. find three different focal points. start on one side, looking into the eyes of whoever is there. hello. >> reporter: the sparks ignite. see tom and julia together when tommy crowne hits theaters. >> would you like to kiss me? >> you are so cute. i can see you. >> reporter: also tonight, did one of charlie sheen's x-rated girlfriends just try to kill herself? >>> plus, we are inside kirstie alley's dancing with the stars rehearsal. we'll have that and more on entertainment tonight. you can see entertainment tonight. >>> a group of kindergarteners is asking us to wash our hands. >> i wash, wash, wa
are investigating two deadly accidents. the first just after 6:30 p.m. last night in tauzin. julia smith hit the curve, then a parked car, pushing that car into another part car. she was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead. and win back her car of a hill, hitting several signed and two parked cars. it happened near a parking lot near old court road. she had her car door open and it was thrown from the vehicle. she died at the scene. >> just after 3:30 a.m., fire crews were called to the 700 block of winston avenue in northeast baltimore. that is where two vacant homes were found fully engulfed in flames. the fire reached two alarms. they were able to put it out without anyone being hurt. and later, cruz responded to the 600 block of south monroe st.. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. it took about 30 minutes to bring the blaze under control. because of the fire is still under investigation. -- the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> in annapolis, no vote on same-sex marriage legislation in the house judiciary committee. they have spent the last two days
was involved with this. he worked with julianne. -- julia. >> the contractor was aware of our position. if they want to pursue this issue further, they will need to call our office and file a formal request. commissioner torres: do we have a case where the contractor is not as cooperative as this one allegedly is? >> that would be more of a department question. >> if he said jubilation was that it was a -- if the situation was that it was a change in conditions, it could be argued that it was different then the conditions within the contract. it could be talked about, ok, that is a change. we will pay for that. they are the supplier of the machine, so it is their responsibility. however, if we were to purchase the machine and use it, that would be best, because they could not complain that you broke it. commissioner torres: i understand now. one last question. when you are looking at this process and how we got to this point -- which is very important. the nature of so many of these contracts, it is prospectively as well. what extent are we taking to make sure future machine is taking
sobre inmigracion con la abogada julia ... buenas 1.- reservo m residente y puse una peticion hace 6 anos atras pidiendo a mi hija y sus 2 hijos... estan aca... la peticion fue aprobada... resulta que ya se pagaron las visas de los 3... quiero saber que va a pasar con ellos estando aca adentro?.. peticiones hechos por residentes legales para sus hijos mayores de edad tardan por lo menos 7 anos... para este mes de abril, inmigracio Ón esta apad quefueronsometidos por pad residentes en el ano 2003, y si eres de mejico, solo esta n procesando esos mismos peticiones de residentes pidiendo a sus hijos mayor de edad sometidos en el ano 1992. como indicas que su hija esta dentro de los eeuu, no importa que ya pagaron las . tendrÁ que esperar 2 anos mas para pensar en considerar la eligibilidad de 2.- como residente legal en este pais, estoy listo para presentar mi aplicacion para la ciudadania... a que edad le para tomar los los eeuu por 20 anos como residente, o si uno tiene mas de 55 anos de edad y ha vivido en los eeuu por 15 envienos sus buenas tardes, se inicio la temporada regul
dominicana... el secretario dijo que apoyara a guatemala para co pasamos ahora con la abogada julia toro... para espond sus preguntas 1.- me lamo jose, soy salvadoreno, me hizo ciudadano americano hace un ano ... estoy casado con una salvadorena quien vino a eeuu ilegalmente en el 2004... que puedo hacer no se puedla residencia... ustÓ aplicaciÓn para ella hasta que se enteran de unforma de las leyes de 2.- mi nombre es elizabeth y soy salvadorena...estoy en este pais desde el ano 86 y hasta la fecha no he sacado mis papeles...yo tengo permiso desde el primero tps en el 2002 y los sigo renovando hasta ahora...mis hijos aqui tienen 22, 21 y 19 anos de edad... me puede arreglara mis papeles para lo siento elizabeth, pero no... si usted hubiera entrado a los eeuu legalmente si pudieran, pero como entro a este paÍs ilegalmente, y no parece que este protegida por la ley 245i, sus hijos no le pueden ayudar... mantenga su tps, no deje de renovarlo por falta de plata, y espera una reforma para ver si eso ue sus usted tuviera que salir del pais... si en algÚn momento no renuevan el tps o us
it in fashion. - add a little bit more here. - and julia detar uses it in making video games. we're gonna challenge you to take on some problems that we encounter all the time. - but you won't be alone. after you've had a crack at it, you'll watch jiayun, calen, carter, and yasmin get the math. [hip-hop music] - my name is chloe dao. i am a fashion designer with a studio in houston, texas. i was the season 2 winner of project runway. i always had style. i was voted "best dressed" in junior high. in high school, i made my own prom dress, my first garment ever i made from scratch. i was really proud of it. there are eight girls in my family. i'm number six. we're vietnamese, but we were born in laos. in 1976, there was a lot of conflict in laos, so we tried to flee it, but we were caught, and we were actually put in family prison where we were separated from my dad for a while, and then from there, we were actually in refugee camp for a few years. and thank god our uncle in dallas sponsored us, so by the end of 1979, we were in the united states. eventually, we moved to houston, texas, and
man spent the last ten years, this guy has 82 tattoos of favorite a actress julia roberts. he doesn't look like a day over 56. with these tattoos being inspired from a scene from a film, gee, whiz, jesse, is this something you would show to your daughter growing up, this is why you should never get famous? >> why are we talking about this now. this was weird 82 tattoos ago. his 82nd, it was weird as guy likes erin brockovich. >> greg: let's have a lot of space over to the left there. it could be that this guy is totally normal dude with a weird hobby and he is harmless. >> i got tattoos and my back, it's going to look like, what is wrong with you. i wish i gotten off julia tattoo >> his tattoo was of a chilean guy. >> greg: ann are you scared this guy is getting tattoos of you and it could be chris matthews. >> i have to disagree. i think 82. i have 15. [ laughter ] i have justin beiber, maybe 18, but 82, come on! >> really, bill, you have 82 tattoos of your favorite actor, who is it? >> erin brockovich. this guy doesn't have the power of a good. >> and the tattoos could be a copy o
evidente desde el jardín hasta dentro de su casa en dónde está convertida en un museo. >> julia roberts se trata de un chileno que verán a continuación. que se ha hecho 82 tatuajes de la artista él dijo que hace 10 comenzó a marcar con las diferencias imágenes de su actriz favorita y ha gastado 4.000 dólares y piensa seguir haciendose más. su sueño es ganarse la lotería y conocer a julia roberts. >> un artista en china tiene una perspectiva muy diferente para realizar o realizar obras de arte, la visión diferente del arte lo ha llevado a realizar las creaciones con un impresionante toque de realidad. >> los queremos invitarlos para que los siga las 24 horas al día en facebook y fwi tercetwitter. >> no olviden que pueden ver nuestros reportajes fotos y videos impactante en nuestra página de univisió >> nuestras cámaras ponen al descubierto un ilícito negocio en las ciudades más concurridas por los turistas. >> más adelante una pequeña puso manos a la obra para mitigar el dolor de un pueblo devastado les contamos cuál es buenas tardes, hoy en noticias univision 14 a
, the chair announces that when the two houses meet in joint meeting to hear an address by the honorable julia gillard, prime minister of australia, only the doors immediately opposite the speaker and those immediately to his left and right will be open. no one will be allowed on the floor of the house who does not have the privilege of the floor of the house. due to the large attendance that is anticipated, the rule regarding the privilege of the floor must be strictly enforced. children of members will not be permitted on the floor. the cooperation of all members is requested. the practice of reserving seats prior to the joint meeting by placard will not be allowed. members may reserve their seats by physical presence only following the security sweep of the chamber. pursuant to the order of the house of monday, february 28, 2011, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> the house has recessed so the chamber can be prepared for the acresse by the australian prime minister, julia gillard, at 11:00 eastern. we'll have live coverage here on c-span. the house starts legisl
for a evening with julie and julia i assume it's play on the successful movie from a year and half ago. >> yes. we are going to have an convenient at the tide water, the local hotel, where we will show the movie julie and julia and we have special guests julie powell who is the author of the book and subject of the film and amanda hesser the former food writer of the "new york times" that are going to come talk about it. our local chefs are going to recreate the recipes from mastering the art of french cooking to serve to the guests. >> reporter: what could be better with french cook than great wine to go along with it. we bring in lori here for that. you are the wine coach. how do you get this distinction? >> well,. >> reporter: don't say drink a lot. >> i am a certified but i want to be the wine coach because it's inviting rather than saying a fancy french word. so i want to demystify wine and make it fun. we will have great wines at the julie and julia dinner, and we are auctioning off the wine tasting i will lead with wines from hair of the dog and teases from -- cheeses from one of the lo
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